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01 December 2030 @ 01:00 am
What's crack-a-lackin, yo~?


I feel like I need an introduction post, so here it is! Collapse )
07 February 2011 @ 12:23 am

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Basically, you can use their search bar like google to look up stuff and earn points. Up to ten swagbucks per win I think. (Don't search ten things every thirty seconds 'cuz it just doesn't work like that...more like three searches per hour). There are daily points where you can earn by answering polls and entering daily codes. There are also games, surveys, and videos you can earn points with. All for free~~
I'm about halfway to a $5 Amazon gift card.
Sign up under my referral and you'll help me earn points when you earn points searching! :D
Click the here to sign up--> Search & Win
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19 September 2010 @ 08:30 pm
Quick post for mems.
-Went to Warren Dunes
-Horrible car ride there (annoying girls, loud music, etc.)
-Boy scouts are obnoxiously bright (literally)
-Awesome tent
-Meh food.
-Pretty dunes and lake (at 12 am!)
-Wet and dirty clothes
-Farmer's market (<3 apples)
-Cute lab puppies! (awww!)
-Forest walk
-Okay car ride home

Yeap. That's about it. Lots and lots of bug bites...blech. W/e it was fun! :D

Extra note: This has nothing to do with this post but my school life SUCKS BALLS. All because of ENGLISH. Devil class. Dammit.
09 September 2010 @ 11:58 pm
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This is dedicated to my @#$%& - obsessed friend. :]
My love~Collapse )
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24 July 2010 @ 03:14 am
That's right, ladies and gentlemen! I AM BACK (after a few months *cough* two *cough*). Yeah...so life has been busy...kinda...not really. I was just too lazy to post anything until now. I kept telling myself to do it, but well...meh. I guess I just don't feel it anymore, ya know?

Yeah. So. School ended. Yay. Then summer school started. Boo.

Here's what happened from what I remember before the summer started:
  • PE -  got an iFit wristband (LOL @ the little stickman)
  • Barely got all A's on report card. BARELY. >_< (how will i survive??)
  • Band/Orch/Choir concert was SO FUN :D foooooooddd!! and most importantly, DESSEERRTTSS!!! yumyumyum
  • Flute recital - i failed soo badly. everyone did like perfectly. i was the ONLY one who messed up sooooo badly. oh my gosh. so embarrassing. :[
Yeah. That's pretty much all I can remember...
Sooo, here's what happened during the summer so far:
  • Got my braces off on the first day of summer! Retainer gave me hell the first week, but it's all geewwdd now!
  • After the last day of school, went to Six Flags. Awesome. Even though we only went on four rides. :P
  • Went to da ZOO! Haven't been there in years~~
  • Family left for vacation. Home alone for two weeks. They came back last week. I miss my solitary house. :| Sleepoverrss~~~ three during those two weeks I was home alone. xD
  • I got the Night Runner series!! :D :D :D On book 2 and it's FREAKING AWESOME! I love all the characters. :D
  • AP chem for summerschool is pretty boring. I hate the homework. My teacher never replies to my emails and updates homework slowly (but that's a good thing).
  • I now understand why upperclassmen dislike freshmen. I really, really do.
  • I got unlimited text :D so happy~~
  • Discovered a new sushi place that is very good, cheap, and sooo worth the money. 7.50 for a dragon roll. 3 for other small rolls. Heaven.
  • Watched Toy Story 3, Totoro, Skip Beat!, Chronicles of Narnia: LWW and Prince Caspian,17 again, and How to Train Your Dragon (going to watch Inception soon :D)
There you go~ That's my summer so far. :P
Another list! Looking into the future:
  • One more week of AP Chem. Then finals. Then more studying to do before the real AP Chem. Crap.
  • Freshmen orientation volunteer~(free pizzaa YESS)
  • Tutoring clinic (free pizza again! YAYY)
  • Cousins immigrating to US. November/December-ish. I hope they don't live in our house...D::
  • After summerschool ends...oh look! School starts! -_-....
Okay...time to make 2 more posts to make up for the missed updates...
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03 May 2010 @ 11:47 pm
Kind of a followup(-ish) of my last post but I just saw this,

I feel so much better now even though I believed they wouldn't disband or separate.
Nice to finally hear it from Jin instead of those stupid rumors in every single newspaper for like the past month...
Ahh, this made me feel lighter. And lol about Jin worrying about his hair. Cut it. Please. Samurai Hair in US=NO. ^^
And even more LOL to the guy who says Jin smells good! xD It's totally normal for guys to sniff other guys, ya know?
Grats to Jin also for being able to use the top quality equipment in that recording studios that a lot of famous peeps use too~
Work hard~ (but not too hard...you must SLEEP and eat...and don't stay cooped up in the studio working and get some sun like naka something kun says to! o_o)
Hehe...good old J-Webs :]

Oh! I also read the first concert reports today. The five of them seem to be doing well~ Lot's of Kokame moments I see. xDD I wanna hear Ueda, Junno, Kame, and Maru's new solos...I'm not sure if Koki has one...O_o Well, I'll find out later.
Seems like a fun concert...wish I was able to go and get sprayed by Kame's water bottle. Dxx
Well, grats to them for working so hard as 5~ ^^

Anyway--we played softball in gym today....

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